New box office studio That's No Moon has a shame of talent

New box office studio that's no moon has a shame of talent

The new game development studio That's No Moon opens in Los Angeles and San Diego, led by game development veterans from some of the largest studios in the industry. That & # 39; s No Moon intends to create narrative – based experiences through interactive and linear media.

"We started That's No Moon with a unique vision of creating unforgettable stories and characters that will define and extend beyond our medium," said Michael Mumbauer, CEO of That's No Moon. formerly head of the PlayStation Visual Arts Group. "I am proud to share this ambition with a talented team of creators and our amazing Smilegate partners." The creators of Crossfire, Smilegate, support both That's No Moon and its first action-adventure game, in tune with a partnership and more than a $ 100 million investment.

"Smilegate is excited to collaborate with storytellers and game creators at That's No Moon to create new experiences that inspire empathy and deeper personal connections with players around the world," said Harold Kim, vice president. Smilegate Business Development "We look forward to working with them and continuing to invest in visionary development teams that seek to bring new ideas and innovation to games."

There’s not much to know about the game, but many of the developers come from a number of popular franchises, including God of War, Destiny and The Last of Us Part 2, and creative director Taylor Kurosaki and game director Jacob Minkoff are the former protagonists of Naughty Dog.

The ad says That & # 39; s No Moon rests at the intersection of games, film and television and, along with Mumbauer’s statement about “expanding the medium,” makes a curious drawing for a development studio. games, hopefully not where game developers are asked. wear too many hats.

That & # 39; s No Moon is currently hiring and plans to expand its creative staff to about 100 game developers by the end of next year. You can get more information on your website.

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