New ghosts of phosphophobia are available today

New ghosts of phosphophobia are available today

A major new update on fasmophobia will arrive today (probably by the time you read this) at 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and 7 p.m. This time, there are two new ghosts on the menu, a new tool, and a visual review of the entire library of ghost hunting tools.

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Nicknamed the "Exposition" update, the main attraction here is the new ghosts. First is the Myling, the lost souls of children wandering the earth trying to get someone to bury them properly. Her ghost status is usually the result of the murder of her mothers. Maybe make sure you check who your customers are before the concert.

Next up is the Goryo, a Japanese ghost who is usually an aristocrat who has been martyred for his beliefs. These guys are known to summon big storms, earthquakes and destroy crops. It was bad enough when the ghosts of Asian pop culture were chasing single houses, but at least Ringu’s girl never killed all the corn for you.

Fortunately, we have a couple of new options to defeat and / or escape these evil spirits. Developer Kinetic Games adds "quick fixes," which should make it a little easier to run away when a ghost corners you in a room or punishes them when they continue to activate the car alarm.

A new DOTS projection tool is also available. It allows you to see the silhouettes of ghosts, which should make it a little easier to follow them once you’ve found them.

Perhaps in a very pleasant way, Phasmophobia tools are getting a visual update and in some cases a functionality update. Kinetic Games has released some images of the upgraded equipment, including a new satellite dish, a matchbox (which could replace the lighter), a new camera and more. We hope that the improvements in functionality will make some elements, such as the parabolic microphone, work more reliably.

Fasmophobia, which became a hit last year alongside us, is just one of the horror hits of independent games. Read Andy's report on how the indies have recovered horror games from the clutches of AAA studios.

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