Nintendo prototyped a Zelda in the 90's that looked a lot like Portal

Nintendo prototyped a zelda in the 90's that looked a lot like portal

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Giles Goddard, from the late 1980s to the early 2000s, was a key backstage talent for Nintendo. When Nintendo 64 technology appeared, Goddard was responsible for developing several prototypes to show what the machine could do: the best known is undoubtedly the interactive face of Mario at the beginning of Super Mario 64. It turns out that there was something even more raising his eyebrows at the works: a prototype of Zelda that, well, was basically Portal before Portal.

Now Goddard runs his own company in Kyoto, Chuhai Labs, and recently did an interview on youtuber MinnMax (thanks, IGN), during which he discussed the first prototypes of the N64's 3D Zelda title.

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