Nintendo's OLED switch will force handheld PC makers to step up their game

Nintendo's oled switch will force handheld pc makers to step up their game

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According to a series of surprise tweets from Nintendo's Twitter account, Nintendo Switch will get an update. The Nintendo Switch OLED model will feature a colorful 7-inch OLED display and a host of new (albeit small) hardware upgrades, such as larger storage (64GB), an adjustable, wider footprint, and even an integrated Ethernet port (a first a Nintendo console). It makes us think that anyone competing in the handheld game space may have to rethink their plans and take some clues as to what has made the Switch so successful over the past four years.

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We've seen a couple of serious attempts to reduce gaming computers to hand-held proportions to get games moving, such as Portable Handheld GDP Win 3, OneNetbook OneXplayer and Alienware & # 39; s Concept UFO. Although the idea of ​​being able to play anything from the Steam library to the bus or train is very appealing. The balance of playing these games at an acceptable frame rate, with a decent enough resolution, keeping the battery alive long enough to enjoy these same games is a challenge we haven’t really seen yet.

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