No Longer Home is a point-and-click adventure about moving anxiety

No longer home is a point-and-click adventure about moving anxiety [/ embed]

No Longer Home seems like an intensely intimate game. This is a semi-biographical point-and-click adventure about two college students, Bo and Ao, who reconcile with the reality that their lives are about to change drastically. The two have just graduated from college and are about to separate when Ao returns to Japan, and No Longer Home represents the last few weeks together as players explore the apartment, hold conversations with friends, and engage in simple activities. how to play video games together or have a barbecue.

It’s not usually that games have such mundane premises, but I’m curious to see if No Longer Home can articulate the anxiety and sadness of these vital moments. It reminds me a bit of Kentucky Route Zero, not only in artistic style, but also because No Longer Home incorporates elements of surrealism. Ao and Bo also share their apartment with a strange monster named Lu, for example, which I'm sure is a metaphor for something.

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