No Man & # 39; s Sky: Frontiers is out and you become the mayor of space

No man & # 39; s sky: frontiers is out and you become the mayor of space

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What a journey No Man & # 39; s Sky has had, to the point where players once exploded in the mouth about Hello Games now rent posters saying "thank you" and Sean Murray's head to the game in mock protest at the 39; wait for the next big thing. Well, it's time to say goodbye to all those locals adorned with the head of an Irishman and greet the next major update: No Man & # 39; s Sky Frontiers is now live and has a 6.6 GB download .

There have always been small points of interest scattered around the planets procedurally generated in no one's sky: monoliths, shelters, observatories, destroyed spaceships, and occasionally a small depot or factory. But nothing really convinces you to land the boat there and stay there for a while.

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