No Man & # 39; s Sky presents you with Mass Effect & # 39; s Normandy SR1 to complete your latest expedition

No man & # 39; s sky presents you with mass effect & # 39; s normandy sr1 to complete your latest expedition [/ embed]

Beachhead, the second expedition from No Man's Sky, has begun this week Update of expeditions released in April. Because each expedition takes you through certain milestones and offers unique rewards at the end, the community has wondered what the big reward would be and today Hello Games has revealed that every player who completes Beachhead can permanently add Normandy SR-1 from Mass Effect to his frigate. "We are delighted and flattered that Bioware and EA let us pay tribute in this way," the official statement said. "As big fans of the series, it's a lovely time for science fiction fans."

Players spent the week trying to figure out what the expedition was aiming for and speculation grew after the founder of Hello Games, Sean Murray, posted a message in the language of No Man Sky yesterday. which said "Look at the monolith, the weapon is coming." The name of the expedition, Beachhead, is in itself a clue, as it is a term that describes the landing point of an invasion.

Despite giving it the best of itself, the No Man's Sky community has not known that both suggestions finally point to Mass Effect: Beachhead refers to the invasion of the reapers and the monolith is probably a reference to the monoliths. of Andromeda, although this particular plot is not not part of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, whose launch Hello Games also celebrates with this Easter egg.

Hello Games has already hinted at new surprises to celebrate No Man & # 39; s Sky's fifth anniversary.

For Mass Effect fans, seeing Normandy and being able to add it to the frigate is a great treat, as Normandy is a visual symbol of Shephard’s voyage and crew; every science fiction saga needs at least one recognizable ship. . You can embark on Beachhead and reach Normandy by the end of the expedition on May 31st.

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