Noctua's high-performance fanless CPU cooler is priced at $ 100

Noctua's high-performance fanless cpu cooler is priced at $ 100

After months of jokes, upgrades and delays, we can now know the price of Noctua’s next passive CPU cooler. The long-awaited fanless heatsink has been listed on Newegg (and later removed) for $ 100, which would put it in line with Noctua's powerful NH-D15 dual-fan refrigerator.

Published in r / buildapcsales subredit, unfortunately, the link provided is no longer available on Newegg. However, for a short time, users were able to escape this high price. While the company has yet to confirm this and it could change, it looks like this high-performance passive refrigerator isn’t as expensive as some expected at $ 100.

I was also expecting something more expensive. Just because this passive cooler would probably have to be made of more expensive metals to cope with high-performance gaming CPUs under load, which Noctua says it should be able to do.

However, this price is subject to change prior to any official announcement. Similarly, they remain to see performance figures and some of the latest game chips are the most thermally demanding so far.

Noctua officially points out that the refrigerator will “arrive” soon, so we can expect more information on pricing and performance in time. Fingers crossed it will be worth the wait.

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