Noctua's passive refrigerator will "soon" end fans of the cases

Noctua's passive refrigerator will "soon" end fans of the cases

Noctua's long-awaited passive refrigerator "will arrive very soon," the company said in a tweet. Responding to the commissioner of all passive things, FanlessTech, Noctua has confirmed that its passive refrigerator is finally occurring after several delays.

I first saw the passive prototype of Noctua at Computex 2019. The Austrian company famous for its fan designs that love or hate them and its excellent performance promised a passive cooler that can handle many of the best game chips of the moment. It is capable of withstanding 120 W, and this without any fan.

This is a very tempting offer and Noctua has only sweetened the offer since then, saying that PC makers should "prepare to be surprised" by its good performance.

Good things come to those who wait, and we've had to wait a while a handful of delays. That said, the refrigerator went into mass production late last year / early this year, with a view to launching in the second quarter.

If you’re wondering why you want even a passive cooler, Jakob Dellinger of Noctua explains all this in an interview with RelaxedTech:

“The key challenge is that for a passive refrigerator to be truly effective, design parameters like fin pitch and fin thickness have to be quite different,” says Dellinger. "You need a certain step to obtain a low enough flow resistance for sufficient natural convection and a certain fin thickness to obtain the mass needed to absorb enough thermal energy. This means that different manufacturing machinery is required, for example, much stronger printing presses, etc. Ordering it in a reasonably cost-effective way was a challenge. "

"… There is a certain beauty and simplicity in going completely fanless instead of running slow fans, there is no real point of failure, less dust accumulation and of course the happiness of complete silence," he notes. Dellinger.

If any of this sounds good to you, keep an eye on your Noctua passive refrigerator for the next few months. I think it’s really happening this time!

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