Norman Reedus says he is "in negotiations" to get more Death Stranding

Norman reedus says he is "in negotiations" to get more death stranding

Norman Reedus seems to want to return for a sequel to Death Stranding, as the actor has leaked that he is in negotiations for a second game.

"I think we're doing a second Death Stranding," Reedus told a reporter at Brazilian site AdoroCinema, who continued "in negotiations right now. So … yes!" The exchange was informed by IGN Brazil, and took place during a roundtable discussion on the 11th season of The Walking Dead.

It wouldn’t be the first time Reedus has thrown the gun on spoilers or ads for an upcoming project – he’s done it for The Walking Dead several times. It ruined the season 10 finale just last year.

While it may seem like Reedus is talking about the upcoming Director & # 39; s Cut of Death Stranding, which has new gameplay content, that’s probably what he mocked last year. This is not a new, unannounced project.

This is in addition to announcements from developers Kojima Productions who are working on a new game, as well as previous publications of work from the Tokyo-based game studio. Director Hideo Kojima has already said that his next project will include “social elements”. Kojima has also previously expressed his desire to be sure that any sequel to Death Stranding will have a new story and game.

As a side note, I can’t believe they continue to do seasons of The Walking Dead.

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