Norton and Avast merge to form a cybersecurity company

Norton and avast merge to form a cybersecurity company

Norton i Avast, two of the leading players in the antivirus software market agreed to a merger (via Sweclockers) which will see the CEO and current director of Avast take positions on the board of NortonLifeLock. Norton, which is officially known as NortonLifeLock after an acquisition in 2019, is headquartered in the United States, while Avast operates outside the Czech Republic. The plan is to maintain these two bases of operations.

Suffice it to say that the days when we absolutely need a separate antivirus program are long gone for many users. One of the main reasons for this is thanks to Protection against viruses and threats which has been an integral part of Windows during recent iterations.

Sure, some of you may insist that it’s not good enough, but for the vast majority of Windows users it is absolutely good. Especially when answered with a healthy feeling of suspicion when it comes to the darkest corners of the net.

This change has forced antivirus companies to drift into new areas, with Avast and Norton following slightly different paths. In fact, in the press release accompanying the announcement, Norton is considered a "world leader in consumer cybersecurity," while Avast is "a world leader in digital security and privacy." I'm glad we made it clear, then. There are also many "compelling" and "leverage" brands in the press release, as expected.

The main advantages, according to the press release, are:

  • Accelerate the transformation of consumer cybersecurity with more than 500 million users
  • It combines the power of avast in privacy and the identity of NortonLifeLock, creating a broad and complementary product portfolio, beyond basic security and towards adjoining solutions based on trust.
  • Strengthens geographical diversification and facilitates expansion in the SOHO / VSB segments
  • Unlock significant value creation through annual gross cost synergies of approximately $ 280 million, with additional upside potential derived from new reinvestment capacity for innovation and growth
  • It brings together two strong and highly experienced customer-focused management teams

Either way, it’s fair to say that users ’needs when it comes to cybersecurity are changing, and at least on paper this merger makes sense. It is unclear how long the two product lines will continue under the current brand, but we would expect it to merge in the future. Avast is well respected for its free offer, so your brand may continue to level up.

Neither Norton nor Avast appear in our current version the Best PC Antivirus Game Recommendations Maybe this merger has to do with the two companies trying to get on the list?

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