Now advertisers are looking for our dreams because we live in a nightmare world

Now advertisers are looking for our dreams because we live in a nightmare world

Earlier this year, a well-known brewery published a quirky ad in front of the Super Bowl. After showing a short clip, they invited people to listen to an eight-hour soundscape as they slept in exchange for a half-pack of beer (or a pack of 12 for free if shared with a friend). The intention was to embed favorable thoughts and feelings about the brand and its product while listeners slept, in what they call “Targeted Dream Incubation”. (I don't think the company needs to be named, if they advertise in people's sleep, they don't need additional coverage from us).

It sounds silly, but as an open letter from sleep researchers protesting this type of advertising pointed out, people can be highly susceptible to suggestions made while they sleep. Nor is it a leap to connect it to games: Xbox used Targub Dream Incubation last year as part of the Xbox Series X ad campaign, making videos of the dreams the selected streamers had after playing the new one. console for the first time. time.

Successful game The Tetris effect is also literally called for the phenomenon in which players continue to see forms of tetromino in their dreams or in the natural world, even for players who have the kind of memory loss that means they don't. fan. remember playing Tetris first. It is an interesting psychological phenomenon in itself, with applications for the treatment of flashbacks of post-traumatic stress disorder, and I would like "interesting things about the brain" not to be a field that was immediately exploited by in advertising.

With both Xbox ads and the Tetris effect, they are marketed turned on the viscosity of sleep games, rather than using them directly for a mass audience, but that’s uncomfortable when we know from the brewing company that advertisers are ready to take that step.

This isn't the only type of intrusive advertising that's happening lately: Facebook is gearing up to introduce ads to Oculus Quest games and apps, using user profile data that became mandatory for using Oculus Quest headphones. virtual reality games.

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