Now, Stardew Valley’s biggest modification allows you to befriend Shane’s chicken

Now, stardew valley’s biggest modification allows you to befriend shane’s chicken

Stardew Valley is a very good game in which its creator works tirelessly, but so are the modders of the game. The biggest modification made by fans, Stardew Valley Expanded, also continues to grow.

The 1.13.9 patch involves a lot of changes, but there is one that I think anyone would be excited about. Charlie, Shane’s prized chicken friend, is now an NPC, meaning he will follow Marnie, Jas, and Shane once you’ve cleared out Shane’s eight heart events. Another character has also become a non-social NPC, but the creator FlashShifter has kept him surprised. Who wouldn’t want to see more of Stardew’s fed animals one day in the city?

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