NVIDIA's GeForce NOW is the easiest way to play with RTX On

Nvidia's geforce now is the easiest way to play with rtx on

Video game graphics have gotten a big update recently with the introduction of real-time ray tracing.

The ray tracing is the holy grail of game graphics, which simulates the physical behavior of light to bring cinematic-quality real-time images to PC games.

But ray tracking is a very demanding technology that requires an incredibly powerful graphics card. Luckily, there is another way to enjoy the ray tracing in the game, and it is both easy and affordable: NVIDIA GeForce ARA.

The GeForce NOW platform provides powerful gaming PC hardware, regardless of your actual PC hardware. In fact, you can use GeForce NOW on non-PC devices, such as tablets, gearboxes, and even your smartphone. GeForce NOW runs more than 1,000 different games on cloud-based hardware and streams them to your device.

This is really the fast track for ray tracing, which gives you the power you need to calculate the rebound and light reflection to get the most real graphics. In the GeForce NOW library you will find Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs: Legion, Control, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Metro Exodus, and more supporting real-time ray tracing to propel your already stunning graphics to the next level. New games are always added to the list as more technology is adopted and you can stay up to date on upcoming additions, such as Guardians of the galaxy keeping weekly updates up to date GeForce NOW Thursday.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSxPpe-VSEk [/ embed]

While you can try GeForce NOW with the free service level, to enjoy the extreme graphics fidelity of the ray tracing alongside the AI-powered NVIDIA DLSS super-sampling for sharper visuals and smoother frame rates, you will need to opt for GeForce NOW Priority Members.

This updated plan gives you priority access to servers, so you can jump to your favorite games faster and provides longer game sessions. Priority subscription costs $ 9.99 a month, which seems like almost nothing compared to the hundreds you’d pay just for a graphics card to allow real-time ray tracking on your own PC, no matter you can’t add one RTX graphics card to a smartphone or iPad, while you can run GeForce NOW on these devices.

So if you want to see what all this is all about and experience RTX On to get high-fidelity images in the latest games, even if you're playing with weaker hardware, GeForce NOW is the way. And you can keep up to date with the latest updates and features coming to the platform by taking a look GeForce NOW Thursday.

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