Nvidia's new GPU driver prepares your PC for Naraka: Bladepoint and Back 4 Blood

Nvidia's new gpu driver prepares your pc for naraka: bladepoint and back 4 blood

Nvidia has begun releasing an updated version of "GeForce Game Ready" that offers optimizations for upcoming game releases, and in particular Naraka: Bladepoint (releases tonight / tomorrow, depending on your time zone), the next open beta of Back 4 Blood (this weekend), and Psychonauts 2 (August 25).

As for Naraka: Bladepoint, Nvidia claims that GeForce RTX hardware owners "will get the ultimate experience with the best performance in its class," including DLSS and Reflex support, which will increase performance to a 60% in 4K, and will make you more competitive by reducing system latency. "

DLSS is Nvidia's AI-driven scaling technology and, in our experience, the latest version (DLSS 2.0) works very well and is worth activating. And when it comes to Nvidia's Reflex technology, which aims to reduce system latency (or input delay), we've found that it has the biggest impact when played on more conventional cards like the GeForce GTX 1660, unlike a higher-end GPU like the GeForce RTX 3080.

You can also enable DLSS in the open beta version of Back 4 Blood, though not Reflex, at least not in the open beta version. Turtle Rock Studios may be able to add it at the time of the game's release on October 12th.

The latest GeForce driver (version 471.68) also brings the optimal one-click setup trick of GeForce Experience to 20 more games (more than 1,000 games are already supported) and validates seven more G-Sync-compatible game monitors. They include AG274FG8R4 + and AG274QG344B + from AOC, VG258QM and PG32UQ from Asus, G24-20 from Lenovo, G251F from MSI and XG320Q from ViewSonic.

As usual, the latest GPU driver introduces a handful of bug fixes, including the following:

  • (Batman Arkham Knight) (GeForce 10 Series): The game can crash when turbulence smoke is used.
  • (Hitman 3): The game may display random blinks when V-Sync is off.
  • (Monster Hunter World): The game shows intermittent failures after a long game.
  • (Assassin's Creed Odyssey): The frequency of frames occurs during the game and when the benchmark is made.
  • (Topaz Video Enhance AI): The application does not process the video with TDR error of the driver.
  • (Render D5): A black corruption overlay occurs with Nvidia DLSS enabled.
  • Rendering artifacts appear on the desktop when using the deep color Nvidia SDR (10 bpc).
  • (Benchmark PLA) (PhysX): The Nvidia GPU is not used for PhysX when the benchmark is run.

You can get GeForce Experience the latest driver if you have the utility installed or go to Nvidia GPU driver page to download and install it manually.

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