NZXT will ship you a new gaming PC in two days, including the 30 RTX Series GPU

Nzxt will ship you a new gaming pc in two days, including the 30 rtx series gpu

Buying a full-fledged gaming computer is the only way to get a graphics card without paying too much for the GPU, but even then you may have to wait weeks or even months for a custom-configured system to arrive. This had also been the case at NZXT, however, the company says it has returned to a fast 48-hour response time in its custom BLD service.

It’s been a few years since we formally reviewed an NZXT BLD system, but at the time we were impressed, in part because of the extremely short waiting time. But like any other system builder, the scarcity of graphics cards affected NZXT's ability to send systems quickly. Not anymore.

"Fortunately, things have gone wrong and, with overnight shipping, it means you can now have your custom PC in less than a week," says NZXT. "This makes NZXT the fastest and only system (SI integrator) that can get a custom-made PC (with a 3000 series graphics card) for gamers in this time period."

I asked NZXT what allowed this return to a 48-hour window. Was it some kind of voodoo magic? A ritual sacrifice to the gods of the PC? I also wondered if this is a sign that the lack of GPUs is decreasing or if somehow the company managed to get into the hands of a mountain of GPUs that were just waiting. a home forever.

NZXT did not confirm or deny any voodoo magic, but it did answer my other query. Well, a little.

"While GPU demand exceeds current supply as a whole, we have worked closely with our global partners to ensure supply whenever available. We have also increased our capacity and improved our supply processes. construction so we can ship systems quickly to match our delivery times, ”NZXT said.

“We all expect GPU supply to continue to increase so that players can easily get it without having to buy in the secondary market,” the company added.

This comes close to a fixed answer, as it doesn’t explain enough how NZXT can suddenly have enough GPUs to meet demand. Perhaps it is a dripping effect of China’s crackdown on cryptocurrency mining. Also, Ethereum will soon switch to one different types of systems that could severely decrease GPU demand among cryptography enthusiasts. We may already be seeing the effects of this upcoming change.

Whatever the reason, it’s good to see some sort of return to normalcy, at least in terms of availability. I asked NZXT if he plans to be able to stay permanently in his 48-hour window, or at least for a long time, and they told me, "We see that our 48-hour response time is maintained."

As I discovered with the tip in the BLD configurator, the warning to have a custom version shipped so quickly is a premium price on the available GPUs.

Here's a look at a $ 1,900 version of AMD, broken down by NZXT pricing:

  • NZXT H510i White: $ 109.99
  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600X: $ 299.99
  • Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 Small Gaming OC Pro – $ 629.99
  • Wi-Fi Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus: $ 229.99
  • 16 GB T-Force Delta RGB DDR4-3200 Kit: $ 89.99
  • 500 GB Western Digital SN550: $ 149.99
  • NZXT Kraken X63: $ 149.99
  • XPG Core Reactor 750W PSU – $ 109.99
  • Windows 10 Home: $ 119.99
  • Construction service: $ 99

Let’s leave the GPU for a moment and look at the other specs. For convenience, I paid the same remaining parts (including Windows 10 Home) to Newegg. After applying a coupon code for one of the parties (the cooler), the pre-tax price reached $ 1,119.91, compared to $ 1,259.92 for NZXT prices. That makes a difference of $ 140.01, plus $ 99 more for the construction fee, which is fair.

I don’t find it that nasty – sure, you can save some coins by buying pieces yourself and assembling them all, but there is a value for a system builder to supply all the components and assemble them.

The GPU is the buzzkill potential of all this. NZXT may have resolved the availability issue, but may not be able to purchase graphics cards at prices closer to its PVP, or charge a premium. The GeForce RTX 3060 Ti was launched for $ 399. You can charge another $ 50 or even $ 100 to consider the custom status of a factory overclock variant, but $ 629.99 for a 3060 Ti is still a hard pill to swallow.

Of course, the opposite of this argument is that buying a 3060 Ti by itself is even more expensive, as long as you can find one. At the time of writing, there was exactly one model in stock at Newegg, from a market vendor: a Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Vision OC card priced at $ 1,156.99. Yes, no, thank you.

Here's how NZXT prices break down for other available GPUs:

  • EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming – $ 959.99
  • Gigabytge GeForce RTX 3080 Gaming OC: $ 1,229.99
  • EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Gaming – $ 1,649.99

They’re all well above Nvidia’s launch prices, and are north of everything you’d expect for a custom variant. However, they are also a few hundred dollars below what these cards get on eBay, except for the RTX 3070 Ti, which is priced fairly close to recently sold ads.

However, if you're desperate for a GPU and can also use a brand new PC, NZXT's BLD service is now the fastest option for custom configuration. You will simply pay a little more for the pieces.

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