Obsidian slows the pace of Grounded updates in favor of more "significant" versions

Obsidian slows the pace of grounded updates in favor of more "significant" versions

It's been almost a year since the Early Access release of Grounded, Honey and Shrunk, the Obsidian children's-style survival game, and since then the developer has maintained a monthly cadence of content releases. In a update published today, however, the study said it would be difficult to keep up and therefore switch to larger but less frequent updates in the future.

"We are approaching the one-year mark since the game's preview / early access launch and we still have so many that we want to do for the game," Obsidian said. "Some of these larger features take time, and with a small team, it's difficult to launch content every month, balancing larger tasks that need to be done to finish the game."

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