Oculus duplicates Quest 2 storage on new base models for free

Oculus duplicates quest 2 storage on new base models for free

Facebook has just announced that it is updating the base model of the Oculus Quest 2. The new model will have more storage, 128 GB, but will keep the same price of $ 299 (£ 299) as the previous base model with 64 GB .

Oculus Quest 2 already offers a relatively inexpensive way to make the RV priced at the original $ 299 of the 64GB model, especially alongside the $ 999 premium valve index. It looks like the new device makes it a totally better deal.

Not that I was particularly looking for more storage. I found that the 64 GB was enough for my needs Oculus Quest 2 review, but I'm not a virtual reality game either. I also won't lift my nose twice as much for free storage.

Oculus also offers a 256GB model for $ 399, which will remain at the same price for the foreseeable. As for the remaining 64GB stock, you may find some, but seeing the high demand for VR headsets, you may not.

Oculus has also confirmed to me that the new silicone case will be included as standard in the box with the new 128 GB model. This cover is a free gift if you need it Anyway, so it’s not a huge issue if you run out of a previous 64GB or 256GB model, but you should be safe assuming you’re rated with the 128GB kit.

In closely related news, Oculus has also recently outlined the v32 software update, which begins rolling out today and will offer enhancements to Oculus Move, the company’s VR fitness tracker, application giveaway, friends and a new VR media sync.

This last fragment is probably the most notable of the lot. Previously, Oculus Quest only allowed you to upload VR photos and videos to your Facebook profile. It’s not that great if you’re not a Facebook user. However, the latest update will allow you to automatically sync your pictures and videos with the Oculus mobile app.

There’s still the requirement to use your Facebook login to get your virtual reality snapshots, but again, you’ll need one to access the Oculus Quest 2, which may be the upgrade more divisive than the company has made on its virtual reality offerings. .

However, if you were already looking for an Oculus Quest 2, the new 128GB model should now be your goal.

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