Oh yeah, yeah, you get almost every Jackbox game for $ 20

Oh yeah, yeah, you get almost every jackbox game for $ 20

No one seems to be able to agree on that better Pack Jackbox Party. Each collection has at least one gem (and at least one stink). I could give a strong case to Jackbox Party Pack: I love the retro 70s style of Fibbage 3, and I know people who swear by the modern romance of Monster Seeking Monster.

But then, Jackbox Party Pack 6 has Dictionarium, where you can invent your own ridiculous definitions for fake words … and then there’s Pictionary-esque Drawful 2, which was so good that it became your own game. The point is, it’s very hard to recommend a Jackbox game to buy, so this Humble Bundle is a real treat; i can only say you buy them all.

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