Old School RuneScape finally adds clans within the game today

Old school runescape finally adds clans within the game today

You’d think guilds were a gift for any MMO, let alone one that’s been spinning around since Oldescape Runescape. But while the community has been grouping into informal groups for years, today it is finally seen how the backward MMO will gain a proper clan system.

Announced all the way in 2019, the clan update arrives today with a new Hub clan on the game's Grand Exchange. From here, you can browse existing clans or create your own, managing recruitment and setting up ranks as you expected. Clans will also get their own lounges to hang out, an instant room that can be opened to selected guests.

Of course, the Runescape community has been meeting in clans on forums and discord servers for years. It’s weird that the game has taken so long to finally implement what is considered a fairly standard feature for MMOs. That said, the lack of formal clans hasn’t stopped the 2007 nostalgia journey to be very popular; just last year, the game reached a record high of 157,445 simultaneous players, and that was before the game made its move to Steam.

“Playing Old School RuneScape is like restoring an old car,” Austin Wood said in our review. "It's not always fun, it's often hard work and most people don't know why the hell it would even bother you. But it's very damn worth taking a step back and seeing how your efforts have paid off."

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