Omno launches on July 29, has a magic staff that becomes a hoverboard

Omno launches on july 29, has a magic staff that becomes a hoverboard

Everything it has been in development for a number of years, but above all, given its lush visual image and apparent scale, it is the work of a single man. Jonas Manke is all StudioInkyfox staff, although he has a decade of industry experience in titles like State of Decay and started working on the project about five years ago, before a successful Kickstarter in 2018 allowed him to focus -se more in making the game. It now has a new trailer and release date, and Omno will be available on July 29th.

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As you will see above, Omno’s visual appeal is not just the visual style, but the imagination of this world, and in particular the wildlife with which the main character interacts along the way: from shy little ones sand crabs to languor flying jellyfish, lazy. giant tortoises and ginormous fluorescent dinosaurs. They sold me almost from the first few seconds, but when I saw the main character’s magic wand turn into a hoverboard … I need it in my belly.


(Image credit: Studio Inkyfox)

The game is a single player and the influence of the journey seems strong: it is a fantastic adventure through a wonderful (hopefully) world, with platforms and light puzzle elements. Particularly noteworthy is the fluidly fluid animation, as the player’s character navigates these landscapes at a certain speed. The player's magical staff feeds various relics that unlock some of the most dazzling skills seen above.

Omno has no combat, although you can "bewitch peacefully and make friends with a wide variety of mythical animals, from animated insects to leviathans."


(Image credit: Studio Inkyfox)

"I started creating Omno just for fun. Most just wanted to make a world where I could escape after work," says creator Jonas Manke. "I was just after sharing some of the things I did with friends and family. I thought maybe I could turn it into something people might want to play. Being here, almost 5 years later, with a successful Kickstarter campaign and a game about to launch on PCs and consoles, it still seems like a dream to me. "

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