One third of the E3 2021 games were non-violent, a big increase over 2019

Beasts of marvel island is like pokémon snap with banana birds and otter crocodiles, and now it's out

Nonviolent games took up twice as much space at E3 of the year (and surrounding events) as in 2019. According to a recent report from, which found that 33% of the games shown over the past week and some were not violent, compared to 17% in 2019.

GamesIndustry's analysis defined "violence" in a particular way, focusing on the player's interpersonal aggression. For the purposes of his analysis, murder is violent (naturally), but he is not necessarily tasked with solving an invisible murder. Cartoon violence, like dismantling enemies in Lego Star Wars, counts as violence, as well as slightly more abstract forms like in strategy games. They looked at violence like a player action, in other words, rather than as a subject.

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