Only one of Epic's exclusive "first waves" made money and it wasn't Metro

Only one of epic's exclusive "first waves" made money and it wasn't metro

Epic Games, we learned courtesy of the same epic document that is in the middle of a lawsuit with Apple, is spending lots of money to make exclusive games from its store, which is good because it has a lot of money to spend and great plans for the future. But a more recently published paper, seen through Simon Carless & # 39; GameDiscoverCo newsletter, indicates that there was actually a game in the "first wave" of Epic exclusives, released between December 2018 and June 2019, which made money for Epic.

The titles of the original chart are worded, but redditor MrBubbaJ ran matching the release dates, which are visible on the chart, which meant the game released on March 19, 2019 is satisfactory. The MG – "minimum guarantee", which is essentially the amount Epic paid to get it on EGS and keep it off Steam, is $ 11.5 million, a high sum but also very average in this particular graph. But in its first year of release, still with early access, it earned $ 11.6 million, making it the only chart game to cover its costs.

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Satisfactory is a well-known hit: Epic doesn't share property numbers like Steam does, but Coffee Stain Studios said a week after the release it had surpassed 500,000 sales, which makes it the company’s best release of a lifetime and dispels doubts that sometimes, strongly, express that games can be sales hits without Steam. Still, it’s interesting to see how successful it was and how it’s possible (rare, yes, but possible) for Epic to make a profit even though it leaves big packages to keep the games exclusive. (I will note that our team really likes the game).

However, it is also worth mentioning that the outlook on return on investment remains relatively bleak in the long run: only two games, Satisfactory and Dauntless, and possibly a third; there is a separate entry for a game released on March 19, which may or may not be a second Satisfactory entry: it is expected to recover the minimum cost of the warranty over its lifetime.

Epic can afford to eat these losses – and it looks like it plans to do so as it continues its search to claim territory on Steam – but some of these expected washes carry tremendously large price tags. A game released on June 15, 2019, for example, possibly Journey, which Epic Store only indicates is available in 2019, cost $ 14 million but had only won $ 300,000, only 2% of its minimum guarantee, and he was only expected to regain 6% of his MG over his lifetime.

An even more significant loss can be seen in Metro Exodus, which topped the minimum guarantee list by $ 37 million but had earned less than a third of it and is expected to cost Epic more than 22 millions of dollars in life. It may come as a bit of a surprise that a major release, like Metro Exodus, didn’t have more numbers, but it was also one of Epic’s first exclusives and came at a time when reactions to games avoiding Steam were very hot. Epic also did no favors in this regard, as it went in to take the game out of Steam just a couple of weeks before it was launched, a decision it later came to regret.

An Epic Games representative declined to comment on the documents.

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