Other Take-Two copyright notices on rumors about GTA 3 referrals

Other take-two copyright notices on rumors about gta 3 referrals

Grand Theft Auto Take-Two publisher has published copyright withdrawal notices for various modifications to LibertyCity.net, according to a publish of the place. Modifications inserted content from old Rockstar games into new ones, or combined content from similar Rockstar games into a larger game. Modifications include material from Grand Theft Auto 3, San Andreas, Vice City, Mahunt and Bully.

This has been a legally active year for Take-Two, starting with withdrawal notices for GTA3 and Vice City versions of reverse engineering. These projects were later restored. Since then, Take-Two has issued deletions of modifications that modify old Grand Theft Auto game content to GTA5, as well as modifications that combine old GTA3 generation games into one. This caused a group of modders to preemptively remove their 14-year-old mod for San Andreas in case they were next on the Take-Two list.

One of the reasons a company may be more concerned about this type of copyright infringement is that it plans to launch a similar product and wants to be sure that its claim on the material cannot be challenged. It’s speculative right now, but that refers to rumors we heard earlier this year that Take-Two is working on remakes of the PS2 Grand Theft Auto games. These rumors were also fueled this past weekend by the confirmation that Take-Two has three “iterations of previously published titles” without announcing them in works.

PC Gamer has contacted Take-Two Interactive and libertycity.net for more information and will update this story if we hear from you.

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