PAX West will return in September as a face-to-face event

Pax west will return in september as a face-to-face event

In December 2020, Penny Arcade announced “optimistic” dates for the 2021 PAX events, tentative because the future state of the Covid-19 pandemic was not entirely clear at the time. However, it has become clearer in recent months, to the point that PAX West has now been confirmed as a face-to-face event in September.

Not surprisingly, PAX West 2021 is a smaller event than the days leading up to the covetousness. Details have yet to be defined, but organizers say they are now "working with local officials, local governments and health authorities to determine the capacity of the event, which will be reduced, and ensure a safe environment." Closer to the show, more information on safety and health protocols will be released.

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