Phantom Abyss looks like a first-person Indiana Jones game with parkour

Phantom abyss looks like a first-person indiana jones game with parkour [/ embed]

Phantom Abyss is a first-person roguelike about exploring random temples laden with traps and bottomless chasms. The protagonist who uses the whip is fast and agile, but not particularly violent: his job is to retrieve sacred relics and, from what I can tell, there is no combat in Phantom Abyss. The whip can be used as a kind of hook or to activate switches, but you will not kill bats. Tonally, he is between Spelunky and Indiana Jones, with a touch of Fall Guys in his obstacle course-style progression.

With a good touch, during each race you will be accompanied by ghosts of up to 20 more players, which you can ignore or follow; doing the latter can help you avoid a hidden trap or can lead you to an upgrade otherwise I found it missing. It works like the ghosts of Dark Souls games, you can only chase the ghosts of Phantom Abyss from the beginning of the race until his death.

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