Phil Spencer admits Xbox needed reboot of Perfect Dark to make its first-party lineup less masculine

Phil spencer admits xbox needed reboot of perfect dark to make its first-party lineup less masculine

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently appeared IGN Unlocked Podcast and I talked a bit about the upcoming reboot of Perfect Dark. While it didn’t keep her almost without details, it also expanded the reasons for Joanna Dark’s recovery and how long the planning lasted.

The reboot of Perfect Dark is being developed by The Initiative, a Santa Monica-based studio created with this first project, and led by industry veteran Darrell Gallagher. Throughout his career, Gallagher has worked on many developers, most notably in this case as head of studio at Crystal Dynamics, leading the reinvention of Tomb Raider. He was also head of studio at Square Enix for God Ex: Human Revolution.

“The discussion happened before (Darrell Gallagher) even joined us,” Spencer says. “Viouslybviament, he had a great history at Crystal and the work he had done with Lara Croft and the reimagining of Tomb Raider, so we were looking at different opportunities with him and one of the ones we raised was Joanna and Perfect Dark and it was something that made him excited. "

One of the unanswered questions is whether this game will be a complete reimagining of Perfect Dark or based on existing games and some sort of remake. “In the end, and that will seem like maybe it’s wrong to say, I don’t really think it matters the path we take,” Spencer says, “if we’ve decided to go back and re-imagine Perfect Dark or do something new, I think the important thing is the quality of the execution and if we offer a charming game that people love ".

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However, there is no doubt that Microsoft knows that one game is a much better starting point than the other. "You know Perfect Dark's had two iterations really and one of them people like, the N64. The 360, it was a launch game, it was a challenge to prepare a launch game (and) Rare had two pitching games that year with Kameo, ”Spencer says. "But, you know, she wasn't as well received as we would have liked. And now she'll just be reduced to how (they reimagine) Joanna."

Finally, Spencer talked about the importance of Joanna Dark among the early Xbox training, pretty man-at-arms. "I think it's great for us to be able to focus on a female protagonist in our training, we don't have much in our first training (training). I think Joanna offers a lot of modern opportunities that I love to see. how the team focuses, having a strong protagonist … "

Spencer went on to stress the importance not only of Gallagher for the project, but of how long Joanna Dark’s return has been in Microsoft’s planning phase. "That discussion to be transparent started with Darrell before he was here. He didn't want a leader to come in and then it wasn't something (where) we were aligned with what we wanted to do, so that was part of the first discussions. It wasn't the only result, it didn't have to be "Darrell go, make Perfect Dark or don't come to Microsoft", but it was a discussion we had even before joining. , for the creation of this team, I think everyone who joined The Initiative has joined the idea of ​​what we are trying to do ".

While the details are still thin on the ground, it’s enough to thrill the potential of this reboot – Gallagher’s only thing, but The Initiative is completely full of developers with an equally impressive track record. Here’s everything we currently know about the Perfect Dark reboot. Do us a favor, Darrell: Get rid of Elvis. Please.

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