Phil Spencer: "We are the only platform that sends games to PC, cloud and console simultaneously"

Phil spencer: "we are the only platform that sends games to pc, cloud and console simultaneously"

Xbox boss Phil Spencer criticized PlayStation's PC strategy in a media briefing earlier this week, accusing Sony of double-diving with its exclusives.

In recent years, Xbox has been a pretty successful pivot for treating the PC as a platform of its own. Most first-hand games, if not all, arrive in the Windows 10 store alongside the console version, as the horrors of Games For Windows Live are already a distant memory.

Without naming names, Spencer successfully compared Xbox's current strategy to certain rivals. PlayStation has only slowly begun to bring its first-hand games to PC, starting with Horizon Zero Dawn, which took 3 years to leave the console exclusive.

"We are the only platform that offers PC, cloud and console games simultaneously," boasted Spencer. “Others bring console games to PC years later, not only force people to buy their hardware up front, but charge them a second time to play on the PC.

"We have a huge growth opportunity in PC. We expanded to simultaneously ship our first-hand games to both console and PC. And last year we more than doubled our first-hand retail game sales to PC. We are also one of the largest third party publishers on Steam. "

Sony has expressed a desire to bring more of its exclusive consoles to PC. The Zombie Days Gone road trip made the leap earlier this year, with rumors that Uncharted 4 will end up doing the same. There are no words in a blood-borne port. Sorry.

Spencer is optimistic about the future of Xbox on PC, telling us that we expect an "amazing list" of Xbox Games Studios and Bethesda titles for next year. But he also seems excited about cloud games in the PC space. Given the difficulty of getting new hardware nowadays, this can become a very captivating option.

"With cloud gaming, we now have the ability to bring these great AAA-quality games to the hundreds of millions of Windows PCs that haven't been specified so far and haven't been able to play the successes that everyone sees so far."

The Xbox + Bethesda E3 showcase kicks off this Sunday, June 13th at 10:00 PDT / 18:00 BST.

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