PNY's new DDR5 RAM kit should arrive in time for Intel Alder Lake

Pny's new ddr5 ram kit should arrive in time for intel alder lake

The next generation of RAM for gaming is not yet fully ready, but that hasn’t stopped memory manufacturers from preparing their first DDR5 kits. Today, PNY's DDR5 desktop memory is announced, which will run at 4,800 MT / s just outside the door.

This is the JEDEC standard for DDR5 in terms of speed, and right there with the fastest DDR4 kits on the market today. Technically, DDR5 can far surpass DDR4 memory in terms of speed, but it will be a while before we see it outperform the older high-end kits to a considerable degree.

On the plus side, PNY expects DDR5 to offer more overclocking space than DDR4. It doesn't say for sure if this kit will be specifically the best for this, so we may have to wait and see its performance on site.

Beyond speeds, this PNY kit also operates at 1.1 V low, in line with the JEDEC specification, and features in-die ECC support.

ECC stands for Error Correction Code and helps effectively mitigate data corruption in operation. It has long been the standard for server memory, but it only makes its way to client-side platforms.

All of this is scheduled to launch in the last three months of 2021, which should be just in time for the first DDR5-compliant systems born of Intel Alder Lake chips. Intel's upcoming CPU will actually support DDR4 and DDR5 memory, so there's hope if you want to keep your DDR4 computer high-end.

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