Pride Month is over, but you can still get the Queer Games package for a few days

You can buy more than 200 queer games at the price of a blockbuster

He Queer game package at has recently raised $ 100,000 in sales, but there are still three more days to go before it can be purchased.

The package began during Pride Month, with the explicit goal of raising money for weird creators. As such, all the money raised by the package will be distributed equally among the 195 creators who contributed their games, publications and tools.

Anyone can post a game on unlike other storefronts, there is no approval process or application fee. As a result, while there are indies supported by the publisher on the platform, such as Finji (who published Night in the Woods and, more recently, Chicory), the site hosts a thriving community of developers and experimental "microindie" artists.

To give you an idea of ​​the scope of genres and experiences covered, some of the games included in the package are:

  • little rainbow rebels: "An experimental gayme guard on a small frog in a leather jacket vest who lives in a commune with other tiny animal friends after defeating the rich with motorcycle tricks." (As for the title, "the decapitalization of the text is very intentional").
  • Ghost stories: "This year it's up to you to listen to their stories."
  • Converter: "An roguelike anti-fascist urban fighter"

Small independent games are often a financial loss to their creators, as many games on are priced free or "pay what you think is worth it." Projects like Queer Games Bundle or the anthologies of the Indiepocalipsi, can bring more money to independent creators than the individual distribution of their games.

He Queer game package it still runs until July 4, so you can pick it up at its full price for $ 60 (intentionally the price of a box office release) or there’s a “variable scale” version for $ 10 to $ 20.

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