Primal Fortnite – Fortnite Season 6 Biggest Change

Primal fortnite - fortnite season 6 biggest change

Primal Fortnite . The new season is here, and with it Fortnite Season 6’s biggest changes have come down. Jonesy and The Foundation have saved the island from Point Zero, but at what cost? There are new locations, weapons, animals and more as Fortnite becomes Primal after destroying the waves of reality restructuring islands, rules, and almost anything else that can’t get out of the fundamental restructuring of existence as we know it.

Next, we’re going to take a look at the biggest Fortnite changes this has caused, from new points of interest, to new mechanics like crafting that let you craft your own weapons in the field.

What’s New for Primal Fortnite Season 6?

The most obvious change this season is Spire – the huge tower in the center that currently contains the Foundation, which sealed itself within Zero Point to save the island.

But there is also a small device on the base where you can place the orbs that the Guardians drop for high-value loot rewards.

The reality waves hitting this location have also affected two main areas – Salty Towers are now Boney Burbs, while Colossal Colosseum is now Colossal Crops.

You’ll also find a number of smaller Towers around the map where you can find more Tower Keepers and useful jumping equipment to get you closer to the main Tower.

Now you can make weapons fast

Primal fortnite - fortnite season 6 biggest change

Weapons that have a hammer icon next to them can be created to upgrade them via a separate tab in your inventory, starting with animal bones (from hunting for wildlife) to making Primal Fortnite weapons or mechanical parts (from destruction technology such as vehicles) to create more familiar precision weapons. .

At a higher rarity, you can also craft them with other items for added effect, such as combining a rare Primal Bow with firefly jars or gas cans to create a Flaming Arc that ignites wooden structures.

Combining two animal bones and one meat allows you to create a Hunter’s Cloak, which will prevent the animals from attacking you for a short time when activated.

Animals roam the island

Primal fortnite - fortnite season 6 biggest change

True to the Primal Fortnite theme, there are now various animals roaming the island that can be hunted or used to your advantage. This includes wolves, boars, chickens, and frogs, and if you kill them, they will drop craft items such as animal bones, along with meat you can consume to restore health.

If you run over to the chicken and follow Grab’s orders before it can escape, you will grab it and lift it high, allowing you to jump higher and slide far without getting hurt by falling.

Rare Bunker Chests available

Primal fortnite - fortnite season 6 biggest change

The pulses exploding all over the island from Zero Point may have wiped out a lot of the technology we’re used to, but luckily there were some people who predicted events like this and stored useful items in the new Bunker Chests.

Unlock one and you’ll receive powerful weapons of rare or legendary status, including items like rocket launchers to put you in a position of strength.

This bunker chest is well hidden, and so far we’ve only found one in the attic of the house at Pristine Point near Steamy Stacks, but there’s sure to be a lot more to discover soon.

Primal Fortnite. There are many new weapons and (not) domed weapons

Primal fortnite - fortnite season 6 biggest change

The way weapons work in Fortnite has been completely reworked this season, as crafting is now a huge component. You’ll find Makeshift versions of basic weapons, such as a standard pistol or shotgun, as floor loot, but you can then upgrade them to Primal Fortnite or Mechanical weapons.

These have different stats – Primal Fortnite weapons tend to be stronger while Mechanic weapons have higher accuracy – but check the stats first to make sure you get the right one.

When it comes to vaults, several classics have been reintroduced to the game, including the Pump Shotgun. Meanwhile, the Sniper Rifle has been housed in the vault, along with two variants of the Assault Rifle and three Shotguns.

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