Prime Day deals with boring, everyday computer stuff

Prime day deals with boring, everyday computer stuff

We’ve spent the last two days collecting all the most exciting Prime Day deals for PC games, from laptops to SSDs. However, there are many more things that can improve your PC (or home office) game setup that are not as exciting. We understand, a new mouse doesn’t excite the imagination like a shiny new gaming laptop, but that doesn’t make it any less important. Why not put it up for sale?

This summary is to highlight the best Prime Day deals out there quite boring, but can still be useful.

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JIKIOU 3 Mouse Pad, pack of 3 | $ 8.53 (save $ 4.46)
Desktop mouse pads or bright RGB lights are great fun, but if you just need the basics, this pack of 3 mouse pads is a good option for less than $ 9. Keep them in a drawer when your current one gets too dirty or give one to a friend.See offer

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63 W Anker USB Charger | $ 39.09 (save $ 21.90)
This 4-port USB wall charger is a great item to save to your desktop to charge wireless accessories (such as headphones or mice), your phone, or anything else powered by USB without having to use valuable USB ports on your PC.See offer

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Pack of 6 packs of MagicFiber microfiber | $ 8.99 (save $ 2.70)
Microfiber cloths are the fastest way to clean anything covered in dust, stains and fingerprints without resorting to water, which generally is not an option with electronics. This pack of six cloths should last you a long time, especially because they can be washed by hand.See offer

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Tablet / phone holder 18 USD (save 14 USD)
If you don’t have a secondary monitor, this is a great way to watch Discord, Spotify, or other apps while you play games; just insert the phone or tablet and place the stand next to the PC screen. Check the coupon button for the full discount.See offer

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Bluetooth USB Adapter | $ 9.41 (save $ 1.88)
Many PC motherboards do not yet include Bluetooth radios, which prevents you from using virtual reality accessories, many types of wireless headphones, and other desktop devices. This fixes this problem for less than $ 10.

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