Project HP is a beautiful medieval PvP brawler that melts your platform

Project hp is a beautiful medieval pvp brawler that melts your platform

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Korean gaming giant Nexon has announced its next major title, only it doesn’t have any yet. Project HP may make PC Gamer readers in the UK think of delicious sauces, but it’s actually a medieval-themed PvP combat extravaganza, with gorgeous images (and system requirements to match). The trailer for the previous ad does a lot of harm to emphasize that it shows images within the game and in fact the armor is very bright.

The motto of the HP Project is "On this battlefield, we break and go back up," which refers to a central mechanic by which dying players turn to stone and separate, but players who have had a good performance can summon or become more powerful heroes (the trailer just does not make clear which one).

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