Put out fires, save people and fly over a fire hose in Firegirl: Hack & # 39; s Splash Rescue

Put out fires, save people and fly over a fire hose in firegirl: hack & # 39; s splash rescue

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhD2LyH98U8 [/ embed]

Firegirl: Hack & # 39; n Splash Rescue is a game about a girl who is a firefighter, but not not more a firefighter. He uses the high-pressure fire hose as a kind of retro rocket to fly through the air as he searches for collapsing buildings, fights monsters, rescues survivors, and works to unravel the mystery that explains why the world collapses in such a drastic way. , dramatic fashion.

The fires will occur through "procedurally generated" levels located in "dense forests, luxury hotels, high-speed trains and multi-storey apartment blocks," and in each of them, Firegirl he only has a few minutes to save civilians and put out the fire. During downtime, he will spend time at the fire station, where he will be able to upgrade his equipment, hire new employees, pay bills and have fun with his fans.

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