Quake Champions turns 25 with one of the original Quake maps

Quake champions turns 25 with one of the original quake maps

Quake turns 25 and therefore Quake Champions celebrates with "an explosion of rockets from the past" in its summer 202 update. Along with a series of legacy weapon customizations, the Quake. update includes the addition of one of the original multiplayer maps from the 1996 Quake: The Dark Zone.

This caught my attention, when someone was playing Quake in the original multiplayer mode as a kid. (Yes, it was very inappropriate for age.) Some get nostalgic for JRPG remasters, I have them from muddy brown bricks. It doesn’t seem to be directly the map as it is, but the Quake Champions version, one with more fluid lighting and portals that really shine. Still, it looks incredibly blocked, which is the most important thing.

Previously, we took a look at why you should still play the original Quake as "the 3D shooting plan, ”and a game with a lot of wisdom to offer:“ Today it doesn’t look as hot, and the fantasy is almost as deep as a child putting on his magician’s tunic and hat to cosplay. Play a few levels, though, and you’ll understand why kickers like Dusk jumped 20 years in progress to return to Quake’s level design school. It is still a fascinating textbook. Only, you know, with guns. "

Along with the retro map and inherited weapon skins (for Tribolt, Super Nail Gun and Railgun), the upgrade also completes several audio and HUD options, as well as improved anti-cheating measures. . You can read the full breakdown at the news of Quake Champions in the Quake block.

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