Rainbow Six Quarantine officially changed its name to Extraction, a full revelation that will arrive on Saturday

Rainbow six quarantine officially changed its name to extraction, a full revelation that will arrive on saturday

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Rainbow Six Quarantine was a fairly safe conventional title for a video game in 2019, until a real pandemic took over the world and all of a sudden everything seemed a lot less cool than in the early planning sessions. Earlier this year, Ubisoft acknowledged that a new title could be in order, but denied a later report that would be renamed Rainbow Six Parasite. (Still, we kept calling it that, because we had to say something, right?)

Today, it has finally made official a new manager: Rainbow Six Quarantine will be called Rainbow Six Extraction.

“You’ll face an ever-evolving alien threat,” creative director Patrick Methé says in the video. "You will have many different challenges to overcome, but you will always have one goal in mind: to make sure no one is left behind. It will be up to you and your staff to decide when to move forward or when to pull off. As you will soon discover, Extraction is really the name of the game ".

There’s a clever pun, but there’s also a literal tilt, as the full revelation of Rainbow Six Extraction will take place next. Ubisoft Forward online event, starting at 12pm PT / 3pm ET on June 12th. If alien infestations are more important than competitive shooters, there is also a dedicated Twitter account with which you can follow R6Extraction.

We already have a good idea of ​​what to expect from extraction. The March and April leaks revealed that Rainbow Six's crews will advance through a series of Left 4 Dead-like sub-missions, broken by airstrikes, as they gather information. about an alien threat known as archaea. Each new area will be tougher (and probably more rewarding) than the previous ones, leading to increasingly difficult calls about when to proceed and when to rescue. Apparently, it is also possible to rescue players who lose the draw, although it is not clear how it will work at this time. I guess that's what Ubisoft Forward's revelation is for.

For a full rundown of everything that's going on during this busy June, which will include E3, Summer Game Fest, the return of the PC Gaming Show, and more, check out our full schedule of E3 2021 .

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