Razer updates the Raptor 27 game monitor to 165Hz

Razer updates the raptor 27 game monitor to 165hz

Razer has announced a new 27-inch Raptor game monitor in its E3 2021 program, a follow-up to its sleek game monitor from a few years ago.

The new monitor is a similar exchange to the previous model, although there is a noticeable improvement. The new Raptor is capable of 165Hz, an increase from the previous 144Hz. It's unclear if this is the result of a completely new board or a moderate out-of-the-box overclock, but I guess the latter as the remaining specifications are almost identical.

New razer raptor 27 monitor images

(Image credit: Razer)
Razer Raptor 27
Screen size 27 inches
Display type IPS
DCI-P3 95%
Brilliance 400 nights
Update frequency 165Hz
Response time 1 ms
Price $ 800 / £ 800 / € 1,000

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