Razer will test its absurd RGB masks to the public soon

Razer will test its absurd rgb masks to the public soon

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We first met the Razer Zephyr during CES 2021 when it was called Project Hazel. Zephyr is a reusable transparent N95 respirator with active ventilation, wireless self-sterilization cover and, of course, RGB. Razer is looking to get these faces for what they call community beta testing.

Razer now refers to the Zephyr as a portable air purifier and seems to have gone through some design tweaks. For starters, it looks like Razer has dropped the ear loops for adjustable straps on the head, which I guess fit better on the face and makes the glasses a little more comfortable. I also noticed an additional ventilation outlet near the chin area of ​​the mask and a more compact design, which made users look less like a cyberpunk criminal and a more neo-punk nightclub.

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Razer zephyr masks

Current appearance of Razer Zephyr (Image credit: RAZER)
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Razer zephyr masks

Hazel CES 2021 Project (Image credit: RAZER)

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