Razer’s ultra-compact Huntsman Mini keyboard is on sale for $ 78

Razer’s ultra-compact huntsman mini keyboard is on sale for $ 78

If a large or even full-size gaming keyboard narrows your style, then a tablet called “keyless” (TKL) may be more in your alley, as long as you don’t need a dedicated numeric keypad. And if that's the case, few keyboards are more compact than the Razer & # 39; s Hunstman Mini, which is on sale at Gamestop for $ 77.94 right now.

In case you missed it, Gamestop has recently added PC gaming hardware product catalog, including desktops, laptops, components, and peripherals in their own right. That means there's another source of deals, and in this case, the Huntsman Mini has $ 42.05 off its MSRP.

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Gaming keyboard bargain that saves space

Razer Huntsman Elite | $ 119.99 $ 77.94 at Gamestop (save $ 42.05)
The Huntsman Elite is 60% the size of a typical large keyboard and uses opto-mechanical switches that light up quickly and require very little power. If it's a compact board to play with, this is a great option.See offer

Of course, it's not usually sold by the full price manager, but that's the lowest price. Amazon, for example, has it on sale for $ 102.99. Gamestop also offers free shipping on orders of € 35 or more, of which this meets the requirements.

In ours In review of Huntsman Mini, we congratulated the compact dashboard for its sensitive opto-mechanical switches that use light beams to record keystrokes, which are fast and usually require less force than most mechanical switches, with faster drive and absolutely no bounce time.

As a purely compact gaming keyboard, it is a great choice. The Huntsman Mini is 60 percent the size of a regular keyboard, as it cuts the numeric keypad and function key row to get a smaller footprint. The function keys and media controls serve as secondary controls that are printed laterally on the PBT keys.

Having fewer keys requires a bit of tweaking, so be careful if you're looking for a daily driver for both games. i to work. This is really our only annoyance. Well, that and the MSRP, as you pay a premium for a technically inferior keyboard. This agreement addresses this concern, however, and some.

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