Recently acquired by Nacon, RIG offers a new generation of gaming accessories, including its first controller

Recently acquired by nacon, rig offers a new generation of gaming accessories, including its first controller

When it comes to gaming headphones, you probably already know the name RIG. RIG has been the market leader in gaming headphones since 2012. And while Nacon recently acquired the RIG brand, what it stands for has not changed: excellent features that improve audio performance and a game competitive. This has become as clear as ever with a new generation of officially licensed RIG products for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Xbox One.

The novelties of the RIG brand begin with a first of its kind: the PRO Compact controller. The RIG PRO compact controller is not only the brand’s first controller, but also the world’s first gaming controller that includes Dolby Atmos for headphones, a 3D sound format that can provide players with detailed audio for a greater sense of immersion as well as practical tactical information beyond. what they can see on the TV screen. This new addition to the RIG brand includes a pair of gaming headphones that continue with the RIG legacy.

Although RIG now operates under Nacon, its mission is to provide gaming peripherals that offer a competitive advantage with no changes. So whether you’re playing in a sports tournament or just looking at this No. 1 spot on the scoreboard after work, you can be sure that RIG’s new RIG controller and headphones are built with the features and durability that will help you to win.

Nacon rig pro compact driver

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With the PRO Compact controller, Nacon offers players a smaller form factor that is not seen among elite controllers. The controller allows players to create their own custom button maps, change trigger sensitivity, and control dead zones using the PRO Compact app for Xbox.

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It's a great driver on its own, but the inclusion of Dolby Atmos pushes it over the edge. By connecting any headset to the PRO Compact controller, players can enable Dolby Atmos to obtain object-based 3D sound that can help them identify important sound sources in games such as approaching enemy steps. Since Dolby Atmos is object-based, game creators can use it to fill the game world with various sound sources to get a richer soundscape surrounding the player, pulling them beyond the game world that the basic or multichannel stereo environment. Critically, Dolby Atmos can also identify players in the pitching of sounds, allowing them to react quickly to players approaching from above or below.

Like the PRO Compact driver itself, Dolby Atmos audio also supports customization. With the Dolby Access app for Xbox, players can change settings to improve and adjust their headphones better. Getting started with Dolby Atmos for headphones is as easy as downloading the free Dolby Access app from the Windows Store on Xbox or Windows 10, then plugging in the driver via USB and connecting to a headset.

Of course, with such a rich legacy in the headset space, RIG has the natural complement of the PRO Compact controller. The brand presents a new generation of headphones with the series RIG 700 PRO and RIG 500 PRO Gen 2. These headphones continue the tradition of RIG to offer headphones built to offer a solid sound combined with a robust and modular design, with simple parts to replace. and virtually indestructible headbands. With these latest models, RIG offers Dolby Atmos-ready headphones, which include self-adjusting straps to help you adjust it easily, and feature a dual-material ear pad to simultaneously block external noise while keeps you comfortable and more breathable.

Gaming headphones nacon rig pro 500 gen 2

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The RIG 500 PRO Gen 2 is a wired headset designed for serious gaming. Thanks to its durable metal bands and large 50mm speaker drivers, it offers a sound and design that won't let go. And because it’s specially tuned for the 3D audio provided by Dolby Atmos, it can serve as a useful companion for the RIG PRO Compact controller. The RIG 700 PRO series drops the cable and adopts an ultra-lightweight design so you can move more freely and make the most of your wireless connectivity. Like the rest of the new lineup, the headphones also include Dolby Atmos support for Xbox and Windows 10.

If you are ready to increase the level of play, the PRO Compact driver is available for $ 49.99 a Best buy, GameStop, Walmart, i Goal now. You can find it in black and white. So is the RIG 500 PRO Gen 2 series Now Available at $ 69.99, while the RIG 700 PRO Series sells exclusively at Gamestop for $ 119.99.

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