Red Dead Online's Blood Dead update adds "a series of daring robberies" next week

Red dead online's blood dead update adds "a series of daring robberies" next week

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Red Dead Online receives a major update, Blood money, July 13th. It includes a lot of new missions, as well as a lot of Rockstar rewards and bonuses in various elements of the game, and includes the beautiful trailer for the song "Letter from Bluewater Man" performed by Christone & # 39; Kingfish & # 39; Ingram. Yes, Rockstar’s production values ​​and music options remain the best in the business.

The trailer above suggests that the new mission chain is quite involved and is based on working with the characters Guido Martelli and Angelo Bronte. It introduces a new kind of work to Red Dead Online called Crimes, more or less really. "Crimes will range from detentions of camouflage coaches to robberies at various stages, including kidnappings, brutal debt collections and more."

Crimes can be taken as a solitary weapon or police, and during these you will collect a new resource, Capitale, to return to Martelli and unlock an "opportunity." All very organized, this lark thief. Opportunities are important missions to take on a Lemoyne senator, and the first comes with the upgrade, there will be two more ready.

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In addition, there are four new types of passes that come under the collective banner of the Quick Draw Club, each with cosmetic rewards, including the Dutch dress in the first place, and each of which costs 25 gold bars, but you get the same reward if completed.

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