Red Solstice 2: Survivors, real-time multiplayer XCOM, hits Steam in June

Red solstice 2: survivors, real-time multiplayer xcom, hits steam in june

“Real-Time XCOM” is a pretty good release, and that’s what Red Solstice 2: Survivors seems to promise, as we saw on the Future Games Show. Control a squad of soldiers fighting mutants on Mars, ordering them in real time, though the action seems to slow down a bit when the command wheel is put on. There is also a cooperative mode that allows up to eight players to work, each controlling an individual soldier.

There’s also a strategy layer, with technology to research and upgrades for your troops, which can have different weapon loads, technology, upgrades, and skills. And you have six classes to choose from: doctor, assault, rebuild, heavy, demolition, and shooter.

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