Remove a radioactive theft at the end of the Chernobyl theft when you leave Early Access in July

Remove a radioactive theft at the end of the chernobyl theft when you leave early access in july [/ embed]

During the PC Gaming Show, we had a new first-person survival horror RPG vision during the PC Gaming Show, including a first look at the theft that is being achieved: overcoming a military force which occupies to break into the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. You are here to find out what happened to your beloved Tatyana, but the rest of your staff has their own reasons.

These motives may involve the mysterious green substance called Chernobylite, a dangerous but valuable byproduct of the infamous Chernobyl disaster that has lured people into pursuing the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Chernobylite may be science fiction, but Farm 51 developers have used real-world location explorations to build an accurate 3D model of the area, which we will explore and do side-by-side consultations as we gather our team and build a base for housing. the. .

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