Respawn hires for a "new adventure for a player"

Apex legends hackers "have got nothing of value," says respawn

Something new is cooking up at Respawn Entertainment, the "small but ambitious" studio behind games, including Titanfall, Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Creative director Mohammad Alavi took to Twitter earlier this afternoon to say that the developer is working on "a new single-player adventure" and provided links to job postings from technical, combat, i level designers.

The job descriptions themselves don’t say much about what’s going on. The main technical game designer listing, for example, says that the new project "is a designer's courtyard of dreams with a freedom of innovation that is possible thanks to the unique universe it inhabits". They specify that things are just beginning to emerge now, however: "The project is in its early stages and will become the owner of substantial ideas and features, from the conceptualization of the blue sky to the game sent."

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