Riot is considering giving Valuing the K / DA treatment

Riot is considering giving valuing the k / da treatment

It looks like Riot is considering taking Valorant down the same musical path as League of Legends after the huge success of in-game artists like Pentakill and K / DA.

A new mini-documentary of IGN sees Riot Music head Toa Dunn and Riot Games chief creative director Patrick Morales delve into the creation of the K-Pop virtual group K / DA. It’s an interesting document, especially if you’re a fan of Riot’s music or the weird complexities of giving chemistry and personality to four video game characters.

Riot has long been experimenting with the fusion of games and music. In 2013, Jinx received his own song and music video with Get Jinxed. A set of heavy metal-themed skins ended up creating Pentakill in 2014, a project named Nine Inch Nails and Dragonforce. The last few years have seen the formation of the hip-hop group True Damage and of course the K / DA themselves. [/ embed]

But so far, all of Riot's musical endeavors have been firmly within the confines of League of Legends. This may not be for long, with Dunn hinting that the study is thinking of giving Valorant the same treatment. “We will continue to look for opportunities for music around Valuing,” Dunn said. "I think music is basic to us here at Riot. I'd be surprised if we did something and music wasn't really thought of as part of that experience. We'll keep doing it with almost everything, I guess."

It’s amazing to see how well League of Legends music has performed – heck, I’ve only played the game a handful of times, but all of its virtual artists appear a lot on my music playlists. I’d be interested to see how they expand with Valorant [another game I don’t particularly play] and see if their list can evoke the same magic.

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