Rising stars in Twitch's new hot tub category are adorable otters

Rising stars in twitch's new hot tub category are adorable otters

In response to weeks of controversy, harassment and questioning of Twitch’s guidelines, a new category was launched on the broadcast site. The Pools, Jacuzzis and Beaches category was born to serve as a new home for the influx of people who have been streaming from the comfort of an inflatable pool or hot tub. It turns out the category does too a great place for wizards even an adorable and heartbreaking trio of otters.

The Marine Mammal Rescue Center in Vancouver has been playing on Twitch for a few months now, traditionally in the Travel and Outdoors category (thank you, Rock paper shotgun). However, they have moved into the new category, with the "THICCEST FUR" stamps in the "# 1 Cold Tub" section.

Maybe I fell in love with these babies a little bit, even though they're very capable of ripping your face off. Watching them vibrate in their backs while eating a snack or playing with their toys is an appropriate soothing sight, and the gentle splashing of water against the enclosure is the only type of ASMR I will accept.

At the time of writing, otters are currently the third most watched live channel in the category at the moment, surpassed only by ExoHydraX and recently demonized Amouranth. The chain has been running for 33 hours constantly and hopefully will continue for many more.

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