River, the dog best known as Fallout 4's Dogmeat, is dead

River, the dog best known as fallout 4's dogmeat, is dead

River, the model and inspiration dog for Fallout 4's Dogmeat, is dead. Developer Joel Burgess, who owned River, announced the death on Twitter and reviewed River's impact on the development of Fallout 4 as a constant presence for the development team to understand a fellow gos. River was also filmed, recorded and saw his behavior as a reference for Dogmeat.

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In that Twitter thread, Burgess delves into the details of how River influenced his desire to make a dog companion in Fallout 4 more than a weapon, but a true friend of the player. Bringing the personality of a loving, protective, and outgoing dog to Fallout 4 was one of Burgess’s design goals for the character, so River’s look atThe movements, but the most important of the personality, were reflected in the character of the game. Dogmeat’s propensity to bring you large objects, even objects you didn’t want, was based on River.

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