RLC DLC gets noisy with boom boxes, megaphones and a nightclub

Rlc dlc gets noisy with boom boxes, megaphones and a nightclub

The July update for Rust, which causes noise, has arrived. The new DLC for Facepunch Studio's popular multiplayer survival game is very strong, with audio cassettes that you can use to make recordings, pen boxes to play cassettes or internet radio broadcasts, and megaphones and microphones that amplify and modify the your voice.

Also included is a large 80's-style cell phone that lets you access Rust's phone system from anywhere. There are even voice messages, so people can leave you messages when you're offline or busy. I'm sure all posts will be nice.

In addition, there are disco accessories such as a bright disco ball and laser lights, and three new dance emoticons to accompany them. The DLC for Voice Props will generate you $ 12.99 on Steam (although there is currently a 10% discount). Here is everything it includes:

Rust july update

(Image credit: Facepunch Studios)
  • Cassettes and recordings: Cassettes can store audio clips and can be used in a variety of ways.
  • Boom boxes: If you want to play the audio on something with a little more speed, you can use Boom Box. In both static and deployed versions, you can use Boom Box to play audio recorded on cassettes and broadcast internet radio. Deployed drop-down boxes can also be connected to other audio entities through the audio output input port.
  • Support for public address system and microphone: You can project your voice to friends and enemies with megaphone and microphone support. The megaphone is a retained entity that you can always use outside. The microphone stand is a drop-down version of the megaphone that needs power. It has two different voice modes to modify your voice (squeaky and deep) and has an IO Audio Out port like the Boom Box to connect to other accessories in the DLC package.
  • Disc accessories: Give your base some disco vibes at night! Use the disco floor, laser light, connected speaker, and sound light to set up a dance floor that will make your neighbors jealous. All of these accessories have an audio input port so you can connect them to an audio source (such as a Boom Box or Microphone Stand) to make them react to any audio being played. The Connected Speaker will stream any audio from an audio source to which it is connected, so you can play music throughout the base or connect it to a microphone stand to create a wide PA system.
  • New Dances: A dance floor makes no sense without dancing, so this DLC pack includes three new dance gestures. Unlike existing gestures, these dances will sink non-stop and will not be able to move while dancing. To cancel a dance, simply press a motion entry, jump, crouch, or press LMB.
  • Mobile Phone: Take calls on the go and elegantly with the latest telecommunications technology on the island: the mobile phone. It gives you access to the telephone system from anywhere on the island. You can open the bookmark with LMB and keep moving while chatting.

(Image credit: Facepunch Studios)

If you're not a DLC buyer, there are still some additions to Rust in the July update that you don't have to pay for. DLSS has been added, which (hopefully) will increase performance without loss of image quality if you use an Nvidia RTX card. DLSS can "enhance Rust's previous antialiasing options, with reduced temporary anti-aliasing, superior distance detail, and improved anti-aliasing in the game's massive amount of foliage," according to Nvidia.

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