Roblox for kids : what are the benefits and harms for the child

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Roblox for kids: what parents should know about roblox games

Roblox for kids 2021: Having the latest online game development can be a multi level challenge for parents. Roblox is one of the most popular games and also one of the most dangerous.

Roblox is the most popular game in the world and is played by millions of people all over the country. In fact, it is a multiplayer online game which is a type of game like Minecraft,.

While this game looks like a harmless digital playground for kids, there are scary problems with their online community.

Are you worried about Roblox for kids?

Roblox for kids: what parents should know about roblox games

About Roblox for kids?

ROBLOX is a vast online platform where children can perform and interact in what the producers describe as an “immersive 3D world”.

Players have the opportunity to create an avatar (player) for themselves and give a small amount of digital money to rent a house. Money to equip and decorate a house takes real-world money, at an increasing cost.

A variety of clothes are also available for purchase, which is a great sidebar for many young children who want to make their avatar as cool as possible. Players who don’t buy upgrades can be teased by other players and have to spend more money.

Why is this risk for children?

But additional purchases are not the biggest problem with this game – the social interaction between the players. Roblox’s goal for kids is for players to interact and become friends.

It is done while traveling online and stopping to talk to other players of the discussion function who are not moderate. As with other online multiplayer games, there is very little control over the type of person or restrictions on who plays the game.

Roblox for kids despite the fact that a strict discussion filter can be activated – blocks of inappropriate words and phrases – kids are always vulnerable to online predators.

This problem is not unique to Roblox. Far away from there. Global online gaming, wherever games are marketed to children, always follows online predators.

Social games like these are often used as platforms to persuade children to switch from gaming to other platforms: for example, Facebook, Snapchat, and even in some cases Skype.

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Roblox for kids is soon being called for children under 12 years, an easy goal that lacks the ability to distinguish between appropriate and imprecise applications.

Roblox for kids  invites players to explore all kinds of imaginary worlds. Some of them are sexual.

A British father who decided to browse the game his son became obsessed with was shocked to find an avatar with virtual sex, abc News reported in 2021.

For this reason, Ms. Foster considers that Roblox is not safe for children under 12 years of age and possibly older children.

How can I protect my children?

As part of many useful family area features, we can lock Robox from your child’s device, without blocking other games that can be played. Lack of moderation (apart from language filters) in user chats and content functions.

You have to supervise your child while playing Roblox games or other online games. With this small opportunity your child will avoid a wide variety of adult games.

Benefits of Roblox for children

By playing online games, it turns out that there are many benefits that we can feel, including improving our mood when we are bored, increasing our brain’s ability to strategize to complete certain missions, train concentration, increase our knowledge, and reduce stress because we will feel happy at home. . outside. normal while passing missions

If we like playing lego, then we will immediately like this online game, because here the game is like lego, we can make objects according to our imagination, for example making building shapes.

Roblox for kids , apart from being a player in games that other people make for free, we can also create our own games according to our imagination. And we are free to be creative and expand the imagination at ROBLOX.

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