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Roblox Tycoon Game : Game Tycoon is one type of game where players will manage a business in various fields. If you play this type of game, you can also learn business concepts in real life, by playing these games.

Roblox tycoon game to play

In playing the game, players usually take a long time and feel satisfaction. What are the games? Here are 6 of the best Tycoon-type Android games that are fun to play.

This game is also supported on cellphones and some use Robux when playing it on PS4

Here’s a list of the best Roblox Tycoon games

1. Hospital Tycoon [early Access]

Roblox tycoon game that makes you addicted

This Roblox Tycoon Game is a tycoon game that aims to make a hospital, we in this game are in charge of building a hospital and making patients happy there.

This game costs 25 Robux. This game does not have a private server, this game has 977 likes and 145 dislikes, this game has been played 51.6K + and has become a favorite with 6,409 people, maximum players per server is nine players.

2. Retail Tycoon

Roblox tycoon game that makes you addicted

This Roblox tycoon game is a game that is often played by everyone, this game aims to build a shop, we are required to build a shop and upgrade our shop.

We also have to make happy customers who come to our place. This game can be played on a cellphone.

This game has 543K + likes and 148K + dislikes, as well as 1,740,769 favorites and 190.9M + visits, the maximum player in this game is 6 players per server, the private server price is 50 Robux.

3. The King of Restaurants 2

Roblox tycoon game that makes you addicted

This better Roblox tycoon game has good graphics but not anymore, and also the movement of the NPC is smoother, this game also has an Indonesian food menu.

This game has 344K + likes and 38K + dislikes, 280.6M + played, 1,383,045 favorites and also a maximum of 8 players per server, private server price is 100 Robux.

This game was made by Ultraw, this game is perfect for those who like the Restaurant Tycoon game but it has better graphics and is very perfect.

4. My Restaurant

Roblox tycoon game that makes you addicted

Yes, this game is the most popular game on Roblox, this game is like Restaurant Tycoon but a little more fantasy, this game we have to eliminate the empty restaurant, the graphics of this game are also good.

This game is equipped with Indonesian. This game has 259K + likes and 22K + dislikes, this game has been played by 148.7M + people and 945,012 favorites, 399 Robux private server price, max per server is 10 players.

5.The King of the Amusement Park 2

Roblox tycoon game that makes you addicted

Do you know the Planet Coaster game? Now this is the Roblox version of the Planet Coaster game, this game is free and there is also no lag.

We should make a garden and keep the guests happy by providing them with items on the playground. Such as rides, places to eat and toilets.

This game has 938K + likes and 94K + dislikes, this game has been played by 465.9M + and has become a favorite of around 3,644,619 people, this game has a private server for 100 robux, the maximum player per server is 6 players.

6. Roller Coaster Tycoon Touch

Roblox tycoon game that makes you addicted

RCT Touch is one of the famous game series. RCT Touch already has many series on several different platforms.

In this game, you will create, customize, and manage your own playground. With a cool 3D graphic presentation, of course it will spoil you in playing this game.

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Ok, that’s the tycoon game that is so addicting that you can play the game until 4 am don’t forget to share if you want a request about the roblox game.

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